New Sportcamp for Hildesheim

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July 21, 2017
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August 1, 2017

New Sportcamp for Hildesheim

Playing, laughing, raging – under this motto is a sportscamp, which is offered for the first time in Hildesheim in the autumn holidays. The organizer is no stranger: Ex-Eintracht handball player and national player Peter Gerfen has put the offer together with the university deseo erfahrung on the legs. It is not his first, but for the first time it is supposed to take place directly before his doorstep “This is really a home game for me,” says Gerfen.

And in a double sense. The older of his two sons trained at PSV Grün-Weiß Hildesheim, the Itzumer Grundschule, which he attended, cooperated with the university. Club and university are also part of the camp.

A total of 80 children from 6 to 13 years old can participate. The groups are reunited at four age levels, each of which extends over two years of birth. Every day, an hour is practiced in four different sports. “We have had the experience that even the children, who do not like to do some sport at first, will find it fun when they try it out,” says Gerfen.

He draws the experience from sporting holiday programs, which he has already organized in other cities such as Oberhausen and Bochum. In addition to the classics such as football, volleyball, basketball and handball, there are also sporting events. In Bochum the children could try Quidditch – the game from the Harry Potter books. The planning for Hildesheim is still running.

As a special advantage of the camp, Gerfen sees the short distances on the campus. Several halls are available there, a beach place and the PSV Grün-Weiß Hildesheim with the large football pitch is just around the corner. Dinner is served in the university cafeteria. “The kids can just sniff a bit of university air,” says Gerfen. In addition, there will be a donation campaign, the proceeds of which will flow to a child and youth facility. Which of these will not be fixed yet.

As a competition to the Olympia camp, the organizer does not see the offer. “We do not want that at all, especially since the camp is now in the autumn holidays.” The demand for holiday offers is so great that events such as the Eintracht could exist next to each other.

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